Alex Sieg,                      Director of Operations

Alex was placed in “temporary foster care”. It was so temporary that it lasted seven or eight years, but Alex was given a choice on the matter, which is part of the reason it worked out that way. A wonderful foster family helped him achieve his potential in high school and college, and eventually law school, and provided a safe home while encouraging him to pursue various opportunities.

Alex graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Law. Very soon he will graduate from the University of South Dakota, School of Law, with a Juris Doctorate. Alex has a variety of experience and a variety of employment interests, most in pursuit of business, technology, and law.

Outside of being P4P's Director of Operations, Alex continues to work as a Graduate Assistant at the University of South Dakota, School of Law, assisting in scholarly publications. His employment experience also includes being a Law Clerk for a corporate firm in Western North Dakota and a Marketing Manager for a law firm in Southern Minnesota practicing in Criminal Law, Worker’s Compensation, and Family Law. Before his time with P4P, he worked as a Community Advisor for Minnesota State University, Mankato, which included numerous leadership opportunities, and a plethora of youth guidance experience.

Alex has volunteered on both a personal and professional level. Some of his volunteer opportunities include public speaking for Ramsey County Human Services, serving as a panelist on several foster care awareness events, and through various leadership events as a Community Advisor through the Minnesota State University, Mankato. Alex is passionate about his role as a Director of Operations for Partnerships for Permanence.

His primary role on the team has been to assist the CEO and Founder with various core functions of the organization. Alex has been instrumental in the negotiation of strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliations. He has facilitated online trainings and forums, utilizing social media outlets as a strategy for recruitment, developed operational strategy for the organization, and so much more.

For years Alex volunteered before his position became paid and we are grateful to have him on the team. Alex often brings insight through a rare perspective and has been with P4P since the very beginning. He believes in the organization and has seen through the challenges we've faced. His dedication to this team has been truly outstanding and we are thankful for him.