Chris Jimmy

Youth Consultant

Chris went into foster care when he was 11 years old, aging out of extended foster care at 21 years old. Since then, he’s been working on living life in the adult world.

He has been working with youth since he was age 16, as a youth group leader, becoming a transitions coach with Family Alternatives, and a camp counselor under the same fostering agency.

Chris has shown to be very interested in performing arts, joining both band and choir in high school, while going onto Minnesota State University (MSU) Mankato under a Theatre major, keeping ties with the college’s band and choir programs.

He has always felt a connection with young people, seeing a bit of himself in them. Potential for any kind of positive impact he may have on young people is more than enough to keep working towards bettering their lives.

Chris' primary role on the P4P team has been facilitating trainings and utilizing social media as a strategy for recruitment of additional youth consultants.