Gabrielle Bardell-Palacio, P4P Youth Consultant

Gabby was adopted when she was 13 years old. She is a fun, caring, and loving young woman. For Gabby, being adopted has changed her whole life. Her adoptive parents brought her up to care for people’s needs and also stay true to herself. The biggest lesson she learned from her family, and hopes to share with other youth in foster care is how to save and plan out things, and how to control behavior/attitudes.

She has accomplished many things despite her difficult life in foster care, including graduating from High School, paying her own bills, owning her own vehicle, and now working as an assistant manager at a local restaurant.

Gabby loves to volunteer at many homeless shelters handing out food and blankets and giving advice. She is enjoying her life and loving every minute of it. Gabby’s next goal in life is to accomplish getting her cosmetology license. She was involved in Our Voices Matter (OVM) Youth Advocacy Program from 2007-2009. Gabby served as a youth panelist for pre-adoptive trainings and peer mentor to program participants.