Patrice Schaller,       Director of Support Services

Patrice was in foster care from the ages of 6 to 11. She was then adopted, and went into a transition foster home at 18 for a year. She has been independent ever since. Her experience made her into the strong, intelligent, caring, mature being she is today.

She got her Welding & Fabrication Diploma in 2012, decided to take a break for a few years, and is currently studying Social Work at Metropolitan State University.

Patrice has been working with young people since she was a youth herself. She was about 14 when she first started volunteering for the St. Cloud Public Library in the Children’s Room. She also volunteered at the Tri-County Humane Society around the same time and got to work with a variety of people of different ages, as well as the animals. She volunteered for two years at each before getting her first official job. Throughout much of her teenage years she was involved in lots of different groups as well as camps and was often seen as a role model and team leader. She often helped out with things and helped to keep an eye on the younger youth. She did a variety of things from KidStop, art camps, to Character Training Center. She was also involved in different adoption support groups, Harambee, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, as well as Our Voices Matter.

She has always felt it was important to give back and help the next generations to have better futures. Her life experience wasn’t the worst, but it could have been better. Too many youth age out and end up homeless, lost, or taken advantage of. This work is part of what she wants to do in her future, and she is super excited to contribute. It is an innovative way to help young people to start those conversations with the adults who can help them take control of their lives and succeed. 

Patrice's primary role on the team has been co-facilitating online trainings and forums, engaging and providing support to "P4P Social" members and youth consultants, and assisting with curriculum development training.