Alexander Sieg

Human Resources Director

The strategic one…

His Story…

Like all of our executive team, Alex is a former foster alum. But his experience with the system was vastly different then many of the members of our team. Alex’s experience with the system began when he was placed into “temporary foster care” during his teenage years because of an unfortunate home situation. Much to his surprise, his temporary care ended up lasting seven years, but part of the reason it came out that way was because Alex was given a choice in the matter. He made the choice to continue living with his foster parents, a loving and wonderful family that encouraged him to pursue various opportunities in high school, college, and eventually, law school.

Alex still visits with his foster family one to two times a year and is glad to have them in his life.

His Qualifications…

Alex graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Law before graduating from the University of South Dakota, School of Law with his Juris Doctorate. Alex has a variety of experience and a variety of employment interests, and has never failed to take advantage of the organization’s business, technology, and legal opportunities.

Outside of serving as P4P's Human Resources Director, Alex’s experience includes assisting in the writing and editing of scholarly publications as a graduate assistant at the University of South Dakota, School of Law, serving as a law clerk for a corporate law firm in Western North Dakota, and social media marketing as a marketing manager for a law firm in Southern Minnesota practicing in Criminal Law, Worker’s Compensation, and Family Law. He also worked as a Community Advisor in college, which gave him access to numerous leadership opportunities, and a plethora of youth guidance experience.

Alex has volunteered in the past on both a personal and professional level through various opportunities, including: public speaking for Ramsey County Human Services, serving as a panelist on several foster care awareness events, and through various leadership events as a Board Member of several groups at the University of South Dakota, School of Law, and as a Community Advisor through Minnesota State University, Mankato. His extensive volunteer work is one of the reasons we offered him an opportunity on our executive team, and one of the reasons he continues to be one of our most valued members.

Alex’s goal is to continue working with us in a human resources capacity, until he passes the Uniform Bar Exam and begins to practice law.

His Role…

Alex is P4P’s Human Resources Director, which means he focuses most of his time on the organization’s onboarding process, which he created from scratch, including the first draft of our Organizational Handbook. He is also responsible for interviewing and vetting candidates, introducing new members to the wider team, and answering human resources related concerns and issues.

We view his J.D. as a unique benefit to P4P, because although he does not handle the legal side of operations, he does use what he learned in law school in his responsibilities as Human Resources Director, especially on the strategic side of our operations.

Alex has also aided the CEO and Founder with various core functions of the organization, whether it be the negotiation of strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliations; the facilitation of online trainings and forums; utilizing social media outlets as a strategy for recruitment; or developing operational strategy for the organization.

He often brings insight through a rare perspective and has been with P4P since the very beginning. He believes in the organization, has seen through our many challenges, and his dedication to this team has been truly outstanding. We are thankful for him.

His Life…

Alex spends his free time hanging out with friends, discovering new music, reading up-and-coming fantasy and science fiction, going out to the movies, streaming professionally, attending competitive gaming events, and exercising.