Our Team

There are so many things that make the members of our team special - from differing perspectives and attitudes to unique skills and traits. But the single greatest thing about every one of them is that they always bring a fresh spirit to the table, despite dealing with rigorous schedules filled with school, work, family-building and extra-curriculars.

Our work has always had its challenges, but our team has always been there to answer them, and to support each other through the ups and the downs - no matter what. It would be impossible to explain with words all of the things we have accomplished together, and all of the things we can accomplish when we work together.

But if you are looking for an idea, browse through our team member’s pages on the left and learn about their stories. You might find yourself surprised.

“For many adolescents who have experienced foster care, it is very important to help other young people who “come behind them.” Opportunities to positively influence the foster care experiences of others is a very meaningful way for them to get involved and give back.”