Partnerships for Permanence


Now with over 10 years of collective program experience in youth-adult partnerships.

What’s New?

Partnerships for Permanence is proud to announce Leaders Changing the System (LCS), a paid six week summer program beginning June 2019. During the six week period, former foster and adoptive youth will be trained in various professional skills by our expert trainers and mentored by our volunteer mentors. After successful completion of the program, participants may be offered an opportunity to join P4P’s wider team and later lead workshops in child welfare for current and future foster and adoptive parents and industry professionals in the child welfare system.

Our Mission

Partnerships for Permanence is more than a non-profit organization. It is a family. A family made from years of former foster youth and adoptees coming together to fulfill our mission of raising awareness and actively working to improve the child welfare system.


How do we do that?

  • By only employing former foster and adoptive youth;

  • By partnering adults with young people in our work;

  • By facilitating child welfare trainings for youth, professionals, and families; and

  • By teaching adult professionals how to better advocate for young people through skills-building workshops.

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Our Values

It is because of our team - because of their differing perspectives and life experiences - that P4P is as unique as it is today. We value every member of our team because they are:

  • Partners - our team breaks down walls using the youth-adult partnership model, in which both sides acknowledge each other’s expertise;

  • Authentic - our team speaks from their own personal experience in the child welfare system, and afterward;

  • Resilient - our team is comprised of youth who are high achievers in their personal and professional lives, despite stereotypes that predict the opposite;

  • Time-experienced - our team has had time to reflect on their collective experiences in child welfare; to assess what system improvements would have had a positive impact on their childhood; and are knowledgeable about what types of support are needed to help current foster children and adoptees within the child welfare system;

  • Necessary - our team is filled with former foster and adoptive youth - the kind of people who are necessary to see our mission through;

  • Enthusiastic - our team is comprised of passionate and motivated youth willing to push the boundaries of progress in the child welfare system; and

  • Reliable - our team are always there when we need them. And we are always there when they need us.

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  • We believe that foster care and adoption should not be stigmatized.

  • We believe that children going through foster care and adoption can grow up into adults who achieve self-actualization, and who lead lives abounding in positivity, peace, and prosperity.

  • We believe that young people leaving foster care need additional support, and that a network of other foster care alumni who are high achievers is one of the best factors to ensuring a stable transition to permanency.

  • We believe that young people are experts within the child welfare system, and that they gain power over their lives by using their stories as tools for healing and advocacy. 

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Our History

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