Service Partners

Service partners of P4P include: organizations, businesses, groups etc. that have participated, collaborated, or sponsored an event such as listening sessions, child welfare trainings, and/or community events. They are entities that P4P trusts and stands behind in our mission to bring former foster youth and adoptees together to raise awareness and actively work to improve the child welfare system.

AFAAD was the first international nonprofit organization of its kind, bringing together adult adoptees and fosters care alums from across the global African diaspora. It is one of the first adoptee led organizations specifically for adoptees and foster alums of African descent. AFAAD believes providing connections for and creating space to make the adoption and foster community in Black/ African diasporic cultures visible worldwide, giving support to those who otherwise remain isolated in their experiences.

CASA Minnesota plays a critical role in child protection proceedings. Unlike the other participants, a CASA volunteer has no interest other than that of the child. The court, in contrast, must uphold the rights of the parents, the state, and the child. Social services agencies are bound by public policies and agency regulations which may be different or insensitive to the needs of individual children. Although other participants state their goals in terms of the child's interests, the child's CASA volunteer is unique in having only the interests of child in mind.

MN DHS is the Minnesota Department of Human Services, which provides services for over a million Minnesotans in 87 counties and 11 tribes, including: adults, children, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Their largest financial responsibility is to provide health care coverage for low-income Minnesotans. We are also responsible for securing economic assistance for struggling families, providing food support, overseeing child protection and child welfare services, enforcing child support, and providing services for people with mental illness, chemical dependency, or physical or developmental disabilities.

The Graves Foundation utilizes an inventive, fluid, and collaborative approach, partnering with emerging leaders in education and foster care to transform the lives of children in the surrounding communities. Their goal is an equitable and sustainable future for all, created through a web of connected and passionate individuals who uplift youth, their families, and the communities they serve as a whole.

GIFT Family Services has a message of hope and inspiration for adoptive families, recognizing the distinct challenges that adoptive and foster families experience. Our world needs strong families and GIFT believes creating intentional families will make an impact not only in this generation but in generations to come.

Lutheran Social Services are Minnesotans rising together to practice compassion supporting others with personalized services that inspire hope, change lives, and build community since 1865. Their aim is to ensure that children and families will have safe, stable homes and the opportunity to thrive in community; that people with disabilities will have access to social services and the opportunity to contribute to community life; and that older adults will have a choice in the services they need.



A Home Within – Matches current and former foster kids with licensed volunteer therapists who provide weekly pro-bono therapy.

Transitioning from Foster Care – An Experiential Activity Guidebook: Transitioning out of foster care to independence is a precarious and daunting time. These experiential activities provide a common language and the tools to assist in beginning conversations between young people and the significant adults in their lives about the challenges involved in transitions.

Our Voices Matter (OVM) Support Network – The youth of OVM (including adopted youth and foster young adults) launched an intensive outreach campaign targeted to reach public and policy makers who hear youth voice their concerns and need for change. OVM youth built a support system for foster youth, adopted youth and emancipated foster youth to unify their efforts to elicit systemic change. They also provide leadership development and empowerment for our youth.

Camelliana Network – A national network that connects every youth aging out of foster care to the critical resources, opportunities, and support they need to thrive in adulthood. Join their network and find an adult to support you through your needs.

Foster Art – This company creates opportunities for children and teens to learn art skills and create artwork. The art is reproduced and the prints are sold from the art gallery on our web site. Portions of proceeds go to organizations that support Foster youth. One of the areas they strongly want to help is the youth aging out with life skills.

Foster-America – Foster America is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of America’s most vulnerable children: those in foster care or at risk of entering the system. We are developing a pipeline of leaders and innovators and building a movement to transform the child welfare system.

Foster Care to Success – Foster Care to Success is the oldest and largest national nonprofit organization working solely with college bound foster youth. They provide tuition grants but book money, living stipends and emergency funding for those unexpected expenses that could derail the most dedicated student on a tight budget. They also provide academic coaches, personal mentors, care packages and internship opportunities to the 3,500 young people we serve annually, enabling them to enjoy a college completion rate many times that of their peers who lack such support.

Trevor Project is a website that helps young people in crisis while also providing youth of the LGBTQ community have a safe space to talk.

For more information about youth resources, visit National Resources for Foster Youth



Fostering Change Network – FCN Consultants provide grant-writing, resource and organizational development support to start-up non-profit organizations.

Foster Care Work Group – The FCWG is a network of funders that work together to support the well being and economic success of youth transitioning from foster care.

Independent Living Resources – Independent Living Resources, Inc. (ILR), specializes in producing, researching, and marketing products for educators, human service staffs, and anyone involved in youth development. Our primary areas of focus are adolescents, life skills (interdependent living), foster care and adoption services, group and residential care, at-risk youth, and workplace safety for human service staffs. Products include books, videos, training curricula, multimedia (CD, DVD), and Internet web-based materials.

National Network for Youth (NN4Y) – The National Network for Youth has been serving the youth of America for more than 30 years by championing the needs of runaway, homeless and other disconnected youth. We do this through advocacy, innovation and services. Our reach is extended through our member organizations, allowing us to be in numerous communities throughout the country as we create a neighborhood of support for the next generation.

Northwest Media – An online educational resources for independent living.

The Mockingbird Society – At The Mockingbird Society, our mission is Building a world-class foster care system through collaboration, innovation and advocacy. Specifically, The Mockingbird Society has set out to: (1) Reform public policy and legislation (2) Create a new model of foster care (3) Support caregivers (4) Involve youth, alumni and caregivers in advocating for system improvement and reform.

Foster Club – Founded in 1999 by a foster parent who saw a need in the foster care system, FosterClub was established on the principal that self-advocacy, access to information and youth involvement are keys to youth well-being in foster care. In building a national network for foster youth, FosterClub has collaborated with state agencies, big business, individual citizens, private organizations, and (most importantly), with youth. FosterClub has become recognized as the national network for youth in foster care.

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