So you are thinking about volunteering? Awesome! The world needs more volunteers and there are many ways to volunteer with Partnerships for Permanence. Read on to learn a little more about our Event Volunteers, Volunteer Mentors, and Board Members!

Event Volunteer

If you do not have as much time to donate, volunteering for P4P’s events can be a great way to help our organization accomplish our mission on a short time basis. Click the Past Events button below to see what kind of events P4P puts on or reach out through the Contact Us button below and we will be happy to add you to our list of Event Volunteers and touch base with you whenever the need arises!

Volunteer Mentor

If you are looking to do a little more, consider becoming a Volunteer Mentor by filling out the Volunteer Mentor Application below. Volunteer Mentors are paired with participants from our Leaders Changing the System (“LCS”) program and a key part of that program. Mentors play a wider role in shaping a participant’s attitude towards the system by helping them attain their after-program goals and objectives.

  1. Application Process

    • Start by filling out the application below.

  2. Background Check

    • Because you will be working directly with young professionals, this step is required, and will take a few days to process.

  3. Interview Process

    • Next, you will complete a low-key interview with our executive team.

  4. Selection Period

    • If we think you are a good fit (and we are sure you will be!), we will extend an offer to you to become a Volunteer Mentor.

  5. Mentor Orientation

    • This orientation will provide you with a brief overview of our organization, mission and the tools you will be using as a volunteer.

Board Member

If you believe in our mission, and are looking for a way to go above and beyond, consider becoming a Board Member with our organization. Board Members have a larger role to play in our organization, usually working behind the scenes with our executive team, and have a unique role in our decision making process. Click on Our Board to learn more about our current Board Members or Contact Us if you have questions about the process.

Volunteer Mentor Application

This application should take 10-15 minutes to complete. To begin filling it out, simply click inside the white space of the fields below and enter your applicable information. If you would prefer to enter your information by hand, please print this form out, enter your information, and submit it by email with the subject titled: “LCS Application,” to: info@partnershipsforpermanence.org.

Once you are finished with the fields below, please submit your completed application by clicking the submit box at the bottom. Not all fields are required and not all fields will be applicable to you. If a field is not applicable to you, please insert a hyphen (“ - ”) in the field prior to submitting. All information submitted will be reviewed by our executive team and kept confidential in accordance with P4P’s strict internal confidentiality policies.

Background Information
Name *
Phone *
Past mentoring experience is not required, but your answer may help us during the mentor-matching process.
Interest Questions
Other Questions
What are your preferred methods of communication? *
Please check all that apply. All volunteer mentors must commit to in-person bi-monthly informal gatherings with their mentee and annual P4P gathering and training opportunities.
You will not automatically be rejected if the answer is yes.
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You will not automatically be rejected if the answer is no.