At Partnerships for Permanence, trainings and workshops are a large part of what we do to see our mission through. You can find a list of the trainings and workshops we offer below, along with an explanation of each.

Permanency 101

Youth-adult partnerships for child welfare youth and adults:

  • P4P will help you find your way to more authentic engagement with the young people in your programs so that you can work together with them toward greater permanency.

    • Involves a 1 hour presentation and a 2 hour group discussion with team building activities.

Points of Collaboration

Y-AP Mapping for greater permanency:

  • P4P’s Y-AP Roadmaps and Shared Agreements process is the first step to more successful youth-adult partnerships in your agency. We will help you “map out” ways to effectively partner with youth.

    • Involves a 1 hour group discussion and a 2 hour presentation with team building activities.

Digital Storytelling

Helping young people in child welfare tell their stories:

  • P4P team members help young people who are actively involved in the child welfare system or have transitioned into adulthood to tell their own stories authentically and organicaly using digital media.

    • Involves a 2 hour listening session with documentation and 2 hours of filming and artistic expression.

Arts and Creative Expression

Helping youth share through youth-adult partnerships in child welfare:

  • P4P will design creative processes with staff to help youth and adults come together better than ever. Activities include: Picture Illustrations, Y-AP Mapping, and other creative exercises.

    • Involves a 1 hour listening session and 1 hour of creative art expression.

Adapting to Youth

Teaching how to be more adaptive and responsive to youth:

  • P4P will look at your current plans for youth engagement and identify collaboration points for program improvement and service delivery.

    • Involves a 1 hour group discussion and a 2 hour presentation with team building activities.

Building relationships

Helping youth build and maintain relationships after foster care:

  • This workshop provides real-life experience, including tips and suggestions for how to improve and maintain healthy relationships with former foster/adoptive parents, peers, and professionals. Hear firsthand from P4P foster alumni what life after foster care can be with a strong support network.

    • Involves a 1 hour discussion with activities and a 1 hour presentation.

Planning Success

Helping youth plan a successful life after foster care:

  • What does it take to be successful after foster care? P4P will help youth identify plans and steps for accomplishing future goals.

    • Involves a 2 hour discussion with activities and a 1 hour presentation.

Academic achievement

Providing steps for the academic achievement of foster youth:

  • Education is key to success, but it is not the only way. P4P believes in motivating young people to pursue their educational goals. This workshop will help youth identify their goals, map out their career, and learn valuable skills from a team of successful foster alumni.

    • Involves a 2 hour discussion with activities and a 1 hour presentation.


Helping youth who are transitioning into a new home:

  • This is a great opportunity for youth to learn more from former foster alumni, including lessons learned firsthand, and tips for making their current placement work for them. P4P will provide youth an opportunity to identify barriers to successful placement and share helpful tips for achieving permanency.

    • Involves a 1 hour discussion and a 1 hour presentation.

Individual Consultation

P4P will consult over the phone or online:

  • With youth and families in need of support concerning foster care and adoption related issues customized to your needs.

    • Involves a 1 hour group discussion and a 1 hour presentation.

Professional Meeting

P4P will meet in person to:

  • Facilitate group conversations and participate in panel discussions about personal experiences with foster care and adoption.

    • Involves a 2 hour meeting in person.